Botanical Fynbos Keyring

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Botanical, fynbos and lucky bean resin keyring

What is Fynbos and what makes it so unique?

'Fynbos' originating from a Dutch word meaning "fine bush" is a distinctive type of vegitation found only in South Africa, being the smallest floral kingdom in the world, with the largest diversity. Some Fynbos you can only find in small areas within South Africa!

Please Note:

  • Almost all our moulds are made by hand from stones, pebbles and crystals so our jewellery is organic and natural shapes.
  • Our jewellery is made out of high quality, UV-protected resin which looks like glass but is very light and shatterproof.
  • All pieces are handmade so are completely unique and imperfect.
  • Some pieces may not look 100% identical to the photo due to resin looking different in different lights as it reflects.
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